14 shop drawer ideas

I made a workshop cabinet for a previous project.
I produced it on a whim and hadn’t thought of the drawer idea.
I decided to make the 14 unique drawers.
However, it was a difficult road and it took about five months from the time I filmed this video to the time the video was published on youtube.
This video is a record of five months.

The first half of the video may be a technique you’ve already seen. Towards the second half of the video, I’m doing some weird stuff, so I hope you enjoy it as a documentary. I made the music in three parts. Also, since this video is a record of the production of a five-month sentence, it turned out to be a very long video, so I’ll specify the time stamp below.
If you enjoy it I would be happy. I’d be even happier if you could comment!
Thank you for watching!


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