A Chair Made of Bending Steel Pipes with homemade roller bender

I made the Kids Chair from steel pipes with homemade rooller bender.
I wanted to bend steel pipes for this project.
First, I built the bending machine you see in the beginning.
It took me a lot of testing and a lot of time until I could bend it nicely.

Then the seat part was …
Pre gluing→ finishing the edges→ disassembly→ gluing.
Because if the arm is an integral seating surface, it can’t be installed on the frame.

The backrest and steps were made off-camera.
The screw hole hardware was made out of brass.

I wanted this video to look like a retro game.

What do you think?

The song was created using the garageband app to create a song that I remember with a friend’s client.

My computer is about to explode with the song writing and animation production.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Thank you!!


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