Making of an epoxy resin lamp with natural black pigments | SWAMP SLUMP LAMP

I fell into a slump in June.
In order to get out of it, I made an epoxy resin lamp out of a piece of wood that had fallen in front of me and was about to melt back into the earth.
I named this project the “Swamp Slump Lamp” Project.

The maker is making.
And the input and output are repeated.
The cycle was not working well for me, and I seemed to have fallen into a swamp.
To get out of this,
I needed light.

The finished product was a very unreliable amount of light.
However, we Makers can confront ourselves and give form to our suffering by making.

BIG thanks for watching!

The concept of the music I created this time was inspired by the scene where I poked the resin to make sure it was hardening and the scene at the beginning of the film where I was carrying a tree on my bicycle.

Looks dark, and which does not look dark, but is a little dark
This is my light!



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